Legacy Protection Program

Estate planning is not a once-and-done event. It is an ongoing process that needs to adapt not only to changes in your life but also to changes in the law. Whether it’s welcoming a new child through birth or adoption, navigating changes from marriage or divorce, managing the effects of illness or disability, or responding to legislative updates, your estate plan must remain responsive to avoid becoming outdated.

Even clients whose family dynamics remain stable often face new questions or circumstances that require professional legal advice. Over time, addressing these needs sporadically can result in substantial fees.

To make maintenance of your estate plans easier and more cost-effective, I have created the Legacy Protection Program. This optional program offers a way to keep your estate plan current and effective through a predictable annual flat fee, which allows me to dedicate more personalized attention to your needs without billing for brief consultations and minor updates.

I am dedicated to ensuring that your estate plan continues to serve your evolving personal and legal needs effectively. By joining the Legacy Protection Program, you ensure regular updates to crucial documents like your durable financial power of attorney, will, health care power of attorney, and living will. This proactive strategy removes the unpredictability and potentially high costs of irregular updates, ensuring your estate planning documents are always prepared to support you and your family when necessary.

You Will Be Ready For:

Laws impacting wills, trusts, investments, and retirement accounts evolve constantly due to changes in both state and federal legislation. With the Legacy Protection Plan, you don’t need to track every legal update yourself. I monitor these changes and will inform you of any that may affect your estate plan or present new opportunities to better meet your objectives during our annual review.

Changes in Family Circumstances

Family dynamics are always in flux. Without regular updates, your estate planning documents might not reflect your current situation. Our annual review process ensures your estate plan is updated, keeping pace with life’s inevitable changes and aligning with your current wishes.

Aligning Assets with Your Estate Plan

Proper estate planning involves more than just drafting documents; it requires aligning your assets with your plan. Whether it’s funding your trust or adjusting beneficiary designations, our program ensures your financial strategy is coordinated with your estate goals, allowing your assets to transfer smoothly and efficiently to your loved ones.

Legacy Protection Program Feature Overview

Features Without Legacy Protection Plan With Legacy Protection Plan
Annual Peace of Mind Consultation
No cost email support and phone calls by you or your financial professionals $300/hour
Updates to Appointment of Guardians $150
Amendments to Wills (RLT) - Fiduciary designations - Allocations among beneficiaries - Specific bequests

Amendments to Wills (RLT)

$300/hour $300/hour $300/hour

Amendments to Wills (RLT)

Ongoing support for beneficiary designations and trust funding $300/hour
College Powers of Attorney for Adult children on 18th birthday $400
10% Discount on Legal Services not covered by Legacy Protection Plan
10% Gift Certificate to share with friend or family member
Updates to Impaired Judgment Documents - Durable Power of Attorney - Health Care Power of Attorney - Living Will - HIPAA Authorization

Updates to Impaired Judgment Documents

$300/hour $300/hour $300/hour $300/hour

Updates to Impaired Judgment Documents

You’ve invested significant time, effort, and money to develop your estate plan, so don’t let it become obsolete. The Legacy Protection Program will ensure your estate plan remains robust, relevant, and ready for whatever the future holds.

Will-Based Estate Plans: $350/single $500/couple

Revocable Trust-Based Estate Plans: $450/single $650/couple