FAQs About Trusts

Say What? Trust Terminology Defined

Lawyers use a lot words when talking about trusts, often assuming that everyone knows their meaning. But in speaking to clients and friends, I realized that many…

Requirements of a Valid Will, Wills

What are the Requirements of a Valid Will in Texas?

Texas attorney Rania Combs discusses the statutory requirements of a valid holographic Will and a valid typewritten Will in Texas.

FAQs About Wills

How Often Should I Update My Will?

Life Changes Can Result In Unintended Consequences, Even For Those With Wills Many years ago, I read an essay entitled “second-chance family” that reinforced…

The Risk of DIY Planning

Do-It-Yourself Estate Planning Mistake Disinherits Child

An attorney can help you understand the ramifications of your estate planning choices to achieve your estate planning goals and objectives.

FAQs About Wills

Definitions of Common Terms in Wills

Lawyers use a lot of words when talking about wills, assuming that everyone knows their meaning. But I realized early on that many people outside the…

Planning for Special Circumstances

Is Your Estate In Order?

Rania Combs discusses tips for organizing your estate so your fiduciaries have all the information they need to handle your affairs.

Planning for Special Circumstances

Five Reasons Why Parents of Young Children Need Estate Planning

If you are a parent of young children, getting your estate plans in order can help you ensure that your minor children will be protected in the…

FAQs About Estate Planning

The Top 10 Reasons Why You Need An Estate Plan

A recent survey found that approximately two-thirds of Americans don’t have a wills, and even fewer have power of attorneys or health care directives. Are you…

Probating a Will

Independent Administration Simplifies the Probate Process

Probate has gotten a bad reputation as being expensive and causing delays. As a result, many people try to avoid it at all cost. In many states,…

FAQs About Trusts

When Should I Use a Revocable Trust?

A couple of weeks ago, I explained that probate recently got more private in Texas. In the past an estate’s representative was required to file an…