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My wife and I were extremely satisfied with the legal services provided by Rania Combs. She was very professional and knowledgeable in assisting with our estate planning needs. The process online was quite efficient and communications were excellent with Rania. Rania was very thorough and her expertise was quite apparent. Her explanations and suggestions were invaluable throughout the process.

William Kraft – Houston, TX

Since my husband and I had both lost previous spouses, we realized how hard it can be to sort through all the paperwork and details needed to be done. Our other concern was that if something should happen to both of us at the same time, it would have been extremely difficult for our respective children to know what to do, and most importantly, how we would want to have things handled.

Therefore, we began to research finding an attorney to work with us regarding preparing our Wills and medical documents. Our other concern was timing, since due to our travel plans, we only had about a month to get everything completed. We found Rania’s website, and were impressed by her description of the online Will preparation process. After our one-hour phone conference with Rania, we agreed that this was the way for us to proceed. Her professionalism, her understanding of what we were wanting to do, and her attention to detail and accuracy was extremely reassuring. We completed the whole process in about 2 1/2 weeks, including making arrangements for a notary to come to our house for our document signing ceremony.

We felt this was a very time-efficient, and cost effective way to handle all the documents needed to reflect our respective wishes. We will continue to contact Rania, as needed, for any future updates that might be needed.

It was an extremely pleasant way to take care of this rather serious business, and we highly recommend Rania Combs and wish her every success in the future.

Jon and Angela Harshaw – Horseshoe Bay, TX

Rania was very knowledgeable and also very personable. We are extremely satisfied with her service to us and highly recommend her to any one who needs to have their will updated or any other legal document. This is the easiest and most efficient way to handle any legal needs that you have. We will definitely use Rania for any legal documents in the future.

Ron and Patsy Ramshay – Pickton, TX

What a pleasure it was to work with Rania to execute my will and other estate planning documents. As a busy executive, I really appreciate that we were able to work through the entire process online and on the phone.

I had a few issues with my 401K beneficiaries but Rania put in extra effort and time to get that resolved. I am very pleased with the service Rania provided and the thoroughness of the documents that were developed. I would definitely recommend this service for anyone looking for help with their will and other estate planning needs. Thank you Rania for the great service!

Darlene Whitehurst – Houston, TX

My sister in law who is an estate planning attorney in California located Rania online for us and we’re so thankful she did! Working with Rania was a pleasure. The process was easy from start and finish. We will absolutely recommend her services to Texas friends and family seeking help with their estate planning. Thank you, Rania!

Michelle – Austin, TX

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