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I found Rania to be knowledgeable, efficient, and professional. Rania worked with me over several weeks to develop a will based estate plan for my young family that could be executed overseas, which was critical to me as an expat in Asia. I am fully satisfied with the services I received and I intend to use Rania again in the future as my estate planning needs change. I am comfortable recommending Rania to those needing will/estate services, especially expats.

R.M. – Houston/Singapore

Rania Combs truly understands the complexities involved in estate planning for clients who are first and second generation immigrants to this country. She is an immigrant herself. Apart from that, Rania was extremely easy to work with, and was flexible in her approach and availability to suit our schedule.

Whether you are a retired person enjoying life, starting out anew in life here in the US, have already accumulated enough to lead a comfortable living for your retirement and your kids’ life and education, have a business (or few businesses), or a combination of the above, I have no doubt Rania will have you covered.

She spent the time and effort to truly understand us, our family, and our needs and delivered a rock solid estate plan and other required legal documents that we are glad we have in place for any unforeseen or foreseen life events.

Herschal Trivedi – Austin, TX

We worked with Rania to create our wills and guardianship designation. We had several options and Rania was thoroughly versed in the intricacies of each one. She was very professional and a knowledgeable adviser. We would definitely recommend Rania to anyone we know.

Pamela LaPlaca – Austin, TX

I would like to recommend Rania’s services to anyone who is looking for estate planning assistance. I enjoyed our conversations. Rania is very engaging and asks many pertinent questions. In the end I got a comprehensive set of documents that firmly establish my wishes regarding myself and my estate – much more comprehensive, in fact, than what I thought I needed.

I feel very secure in the knowledge that my affairs are in order in the event of my passing so that they will not be a burden on my loved ones. Rania’s great! 5 out of 5 stars.

M. Hampton – Houston, TX

Very positive experience! I was somewhat hesitant at first about using a lawyer “online” but so glad I did. Not only did it save me time and money but the service and quality was exceptional. I would use Rania again and highly recommend her.

Linda B. – Athens, TX

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