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What are the Requirements of a Valid Will in North Carolina?

North Carolina attorney Rania Combs discusses the statutory requirements of a valid Wills ain North Carolina.

FAQs About Wills

What is a Residuary Clause?

I recently worked with a couple that wanted to make sure that all their worldly possessions passed to the surviving spouse upon their death, and then to…

FAQs About Wills

How Often Should I Update My Will?

Life Changes Can Result In Unintended Consequences, Even For Those With Wills Many years ago, I read an essay entitled “second-chance family” that reinforced…

FAQs About Wills, Wills

Why Should My Will Include a Self-Proving Affidavit?

Attorney Rania Combs discusses how a self-proved Will can speed up the probate process and save time and expense.

FAQs About Wills

What is a Self-Proving Affidavit?

A self-proving affidavit is a sworn statement that accompanies a Will. In the case of an attested Will, the testator and all witnesses sign it in the…

FAQs About Wills

Can A Parent Disinherit An Adopted Child?

A woman’s adoptive father was dying. She was worried, but not about what you’d expect. You see, her father inherited a piece of family land from her…

FAQs About Wills

Definitions of Common Terms in Wills

Lawyers use a lot of words when talking about wills, assuming that everyone knows their meaning. But I realized early on that many people outside the…

FAQs About Wills

Can I Make Handwritten Modifications To My Typewritten Will?

Your typewritten Will likely reflected all your wishes when you originally signed it, but things may have changed. It may be that you’d like to replace the…

FAQs About Wills, Wills

Is A Fill-In-The-Blank Will Valid in Texas?

John was just about to go on vacation. He wanted to have a Will in place in case a tragic accident occurred. So, he did what many…

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The Characterization of Property in Texas

I have written before that the characterization of property as separate or community dictates who inherits property when a married person dies without a Will in…