Celebrating Five Years!

by Rania Combs

Champagne ExplosionWhen I started my law firm years ago, I was nervous. Petrified, actually. I had always worked for other attorneys before, so I never had to be a rainmaker or run a business. Naturally, I worried about the possibility that all my efforts would fail.

My fears were compounded because the concept of a completely web-based office was still in its infancy, and many expressed doubt that a virtual law office could actually be successful.

In fact, I distinctly remember the look on many colleagues faces when I shared my plans. It was a cross between skepticism that clients would actually work with an attorney online, and pity that I was naïve enough to think they would.

Well, I’m proud to say that my firm celebrated its fifth anniversary this week!

As I reflect on the past five years, I’m so grateful for all those who have been instrumental in my firm’s growth.

  • I’m grateful for my friends and family, who have supported and encouraged me and who have cheered the loudest with every success.
  • I’m grateful for so many colleagues, online and off, who have so generously shared their experience and knowledge with me.
  • I am grateful for my clients, who have allowed me to be a part of their lives, entrusted me with the privilege of handling their legal needs, and referred their friends and family to me.
  • And I am grateful to an increasing number of financial advisors who trust me enough to refer their clients to me.

It’s been such an exciting and rewarding five years! I’m looking forward to seeing what the next five years will bring!

Happy New Year!

About Rania

Rania graduated magna cum laude from South Texas College of Law Houston and is the founder of Rania Combs Law, PLLC. She has been licensed to practice law since 1994 and enjoys helping clients in Texas and North Carolina create estate plans that give them peace of mind.

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