Choosing a Guardian

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Guardian — Similar Values

by Rania Combs

NB: This post is part of a series discussing factors you should consider when selecting a guardian for your minor children. You can read all these posts here.

Every day, through our words and actions, we are teaching our children about what we believe is important. We do this not only how we parent and discipline them, but also by talking to them, exposing them to the things that are important to us, and limiting their exposure to things we believe are harmful.

For example:

  • If our faith is a priority, we make efforts to raise them in that tradition, teaching them about our beliefs, taking them to religious services, and celebrating religious holidays.
  • If we value community service, we expose them to volunteer activities in which we are involved and encourage them to volunteer their time for a worthy cause.
  • We teach them about financial responsibility by how we spend our money, and what we spend it on.
  • We teach them about the value of education by stressing its importance, reading to them, and helping them with homework.
  • We teach them violence is inappropriate by practicing time outs, and limiting violent television programs and video games.

The list is endless.

If you were not able to raise your children, would you want their guardians to continue exposing them to these values?

If your answer is “yes, or course”, then it is important to choose a guardian whose values and parenting philosophies reflect your own. Consider whether he or she shares similar views with respect to religion, morals, education, and child rearing.

While it is unlikely that you will find someone who shares all your values, try to select a person who you believe will instill in your children the values that matter most to you.

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