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Factors to Consider When Selecting a Guardian – Prospective Guardian’s Children

by Rania Combs

NB: This post is part of a series concerning factors you should consider when selecting a guardian for your minor children. You can see all these posts here.

Think about the people who you would nominate as a guardian for your children.  Do they have children of their own?  If so, how many?

Most couples in the United States have two children, so there is a strong possibility that the guardian you select will already be a parent.  Because of that, it is important to consider several things.

Can the guardian you select handle more children?

Being a parent is hard work, and perhaps the person you select has all the children for whom he or she can or wants to care.  This is especially relevant if you have two or more children and could potentially double or more the size of his or her family.

That is why it is important that you discuss your decision with the person you intend to nominate and confirm that he or she will be willing to take on the added responsibility.

Also, observe his or her parenting skills. If he or she constantly seems overwhelmed or lacks patience with his or her own children, then adding more kids to the mix may not be a good idea.

Do your children relate well to the guardian’s children?

If the prospective guardian is willing to take on the added responsibility, consider the age and personality of the his or her children. Are they around the same age as yours? Do they get along well with yours or do their personalities clash?

Are the guardian’s children good kids?

Finally, consider the character of the prospective guardian’s children. After all, if their parent were appointed guardian, they would probably be in close contact with your children.

We all know great people whose children make bad choices, such as getting involved in crime, or alcohol, or drugs. If you believe that the prospective guardian’s children have the potential to negatively influence or harm your children in any way, consider selecting someone else.

If tragedy strikes, your children will become part of their guardian’s family. Considering the prospective guardian’s family dynamics is important to evaluating whether your children will feel comfortable and safe being a part of it.

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