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How Do I Revoke a Medical Power of Attorney in Texas?

by Rania Combs

In Texas, a Medical Power of Attorney can be revoked in the following ways:

  1. You can revoke a Medical Power of Attorney by notifying either the agent or your health care provider orally or in writing of your intent to revoke. Your ability to revoke is not contingent on your capacity to make health care decisions or your mental state.
  2. You can also revoke a Medical power of Attorney by executing another one. If you execute a new Medical Power of Attorney, then all prior ones are revoked.
  3. Additionally, if you have designated your spouse to be the agent, then a later divorce revokes the Medical Power of Attorney.

Once your physician is informed of your decision to revoke or is provided with your revocation, he should immediately record the revocation in your medical records and give notice of the revocation to the agent and any other health ore residential care providers responsible for your care.

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