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An Empty Nest

I remember standing in the checkout line at Babies-R-Us more than 23 years ago. My first baby was just a couple of weeks old, sleeping soundly on my…


What Is an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT)?

An Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust, or “ILIT” is an irrevocable trust that own life insurance.  Historically, Americans have used ILITs as a vehicle to make gifts to beneficiaries…

FAQs About Probate, Probate

When Is It Proper to Use a Small Estate Affidavit?

Heirs can use a small estate affidavit to transfer property without a formal probate only in situations when: The deceased person died without a Will; At least 30…

FAQs About Trusts

What are the Requirements of a Valid Trust in Texas?

Statutory Requirements for a Valid Trust For a Trust to be valid in Texas, it must meet the following requirements: 1. The Settlor must have a…

FAQs About Wills

What is a Holographic Will?

A holographic Will is a handwritten Will. And there have been some strange ones. For example, can you imagine writing your will on your bedroom wall? How about…

FAQs About Dying Without A Will, Intestacy

Can An Adopted Child Inherit From Biological Parents?

Attorney Rania Combs explains whether adopted children can inherit from both biological parents and adoptive parents under the Texas Intestacy Statutes.

Requirements of a Valid Will

Does a Typewritten Will in Texas Need Witnesses If It is Notarized?

To be valid, a typewritten Will must be signed in the presence of two witnesses, even if they it notarized. Unfortunately, her mother didn’t know that. Her mother…


What is a Miller Trust?

A Miller Trust, or qualified income trust, is an irrevocable trust that allows individuals qualify for Medicaid long-term care services, such as nursing home care, when they earn…

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How to Talk with Someone who is Grieving

Attorney Rania Combs provides some helpful tips for navigating conversations with someone who is grieving after the loss of a loved one.


Similarities and Differences between Lady Bird Deeds and Transfer on Death Deeds

Both Lady Bird Deeds and Texas Transfer on Death Deeds are essentially beneficiary designations for your real estate.  Lady Bird Deeds are a product of common law, whereas Transfer…