Choosing a Guardian

Selecting a Guardian in the “Modern Family”

by Rania Combs

I think one of the funniest shows on television right now is Modern Family, and last night’s show was especially hilarious as Cameron and Mitchell tried to decide who would raise their daughter Lily’s if something were to happen to them.

The couple initially considered Mitchell’s sister Claire and her husband Phil as her guardians, but a home visit complete with yelling kids and several grease fires on the stove made them rethink their decision.

Cameron favored his family as Lily’s guardian, but Mitchell was not convinced. It would require moving Lily to Missouri, away from familiar surroundings, and exposing her to Cameron’s crazy relatives.

Mitchell thought his father and stepmother, Gloria, would be the best choice after seeing how Gloria interacted with Lily. Cameron was reluctant, reminding Mitchell that he blamed his father for everything from his night terrors to his shy bladder. But after Gloria’s son, Manny, told Cameron about what a great dad Jay was, Cameron had a change of heart, and their selection was made.

The happiest person in the room at that moment was Gloria, who seemed delighted at the prospect of a tragedy occurring that would allow Lily to become hers.

The show did a good job illustrating the fact that no prospective guardian is perfect. All will have flaws and quirks, just like Jay and Gloria.

Many parents tend to seek perfection when trying to decide on whom to name as our children’s guardian. And because we can never seem to find anyone who is perfect, many of us procrastinate and don’t name anyone at all. Unfortunately this leaves children vulnerable in case of a tragedy.

No one is perfect. But you’re the best person to decide who should raise your children if tragedy strikes. So if you’ve been procrastinating, evaluate your choices and make the best decision you can.

Remember that your choice is not set in stone. You should reevaluate your choice periodically to make sure that the person you select is still the most ideal candidate for the role. If not, it is possible to amend your will and appoint someone else who you believe is better qualified.

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