Choosing a Guardian

Some Final Thoughts on Selecting a Guardian for Your Children

by Rania Combs

You are unique. So there is no one in the world who can provide your children exactly what you can. As a result, it is unlikely that anyone on your list of potential guardians will seem perfectly suited to step into your shoes.

But while the process of selecting a guardian can be challenging, the ramifications of not doing so are significant. So, after evaluating all the candidates, it is important that you take the step to designate the person who at the time seems best suited to serve as guardian.

Your decision can be changed at any time. You can and should reevaluate your choice annually to determine whether the person you select is still the most ideal candidate for the role. If not, it is possible to amend your will and appoint someone else who you believe is better qualified.

Texas gives you the freedom to choose a guardian for your children. But if you don’t do it, a judge who doesn’t know you or your children will have to do it for you. And the person the judge selects might be someone other than the person you would have chosen.

You know your children better than anyone. You are the best person to select a guardian for them. Don’t put that decision in the hands of a stranger.

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