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Wacky Will Wednesday: Wills That Make You Go “Hmmm… “Rona Scroratow

by Rania Combs

PhilodendronNB: This post is part of a series highlighting wills that contain some interesting, and sometimes bizarre, bequests and stipulations. You can see all these posts here.

The great thing about having a Will is that it gives you the power to decide how your property will be distributed when you die.

For example, if you are married, you may direct that all your assets should pass to your spouse. If you have children, you’d likely want to make provisions for them. Some people even make provisions for their furry family members or bequests to various charities that they support.

But what if you’re unmarried, have no children and no pets. Suppose your passion is gardening, and your prized possession is a houseplant that will likely outlive you.

Rona Scoratow is a single woman with no children who is passionate about caring for indoor houseplants. Her prized possession is a 42 year old philodendron, and she was concerned that no one would care for it after she died. So she added a specific provision in her Will giving her philodendron to a trusted friend, along with the sum of $5,000 to care for the plant.

The fact that her Will makes provisions for her houseplant is certainly unusual. Some might even call it wacky. But all of us have unique concerns. Engaging in estate planning can ensure that, regardless of how strange your concerns may seem to others, your wishes will be carried out when you die.

To read the Wall Street Journal’s article titled “A Woman’s Will Provides Funds for Trusty Houseplant Upon Her Death,” click here.

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