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You’ve Signed Your Estate Planning Documents…Now What?

by Rania Combs

Once you’ve signed your estate planning documents—your will, powers of attorney and other important paperwork—you’re more prepared than most Americans. However, you’re not out of the woods yet. You need to make sure they’re ready when you need them.

Keep them safe:

Put your estate planning documents in a safe place, keeping in mind that someone else will need to access them. If you store them in your home, be sure they’re protected from flood, fire and other hazards. You can also stash them in a safe deposit box for extra security.

Tell interested parties where they are:

Keeping your estate planning documents safe is great, but they won’t be of any use if nobody knows where to find them. Tell trusted family members, friends where your documents are stored so they can access them when necessary.

Review them Periodically:

It’s generally a good idea to review your estate planning documents periodically to make sure they reflect your current circumstances and that they still accomplish your goals. If your financial or familial circumstances change, your documents will probably need to be “freshened up” as well.

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