The Cost of a Do-It-Yourself Will

DIY Wills may seem like a penny-wise solution but may end up costing more in the long run than a Will drafted by an attorney.

A Holographic Will That Worked…But At What Cost?

DIY Wills can seem like a cost-effective solution, but the consequences of a poorly drafted will can cost you more in the long run.

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Why Should My Will Include a Self-Proving Affidavit?

Attorney Rania Combs discusses how a self-proved Will can speed up the probate process and save time and expense.

What is a Self-Proving Affidavit?

A self-proving affidavit is a sworn statement that accompanies a Will. In the case of an attested Will, the testator and all witnesses sign it in the…

If Lawyers Aren’t Perfect, Why Aren’t DIY Wills Good Enough?

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Why Do People Use Lawyers To Prepare Their Wills?

Attorneys use years of schooling and experience to advise you on the best way to accomplish your estate planning goals. DIY services do not.