If Lawyers Aren’t Perfect, Why Aren’t DIY Wills Good Enough?

A reader submitted a comment to my article titled “LegalZoom vs. Lawyer: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You.” This reader’s view of lawyers had…

Why Do People Use Lawyers To Prepare Their Wills?

Attorneys use years of schooling and experience to advise you on the best way to accomplish your estate planning goals. DIY services do not.

Do-It-Yourself Estate Planning Mistake Disinherits Child

An attorney can help you understand the ramifications of your estate planning choices to achieve your estate planning goals and objectives.

You May Need More Than A Simple Will

A lawyer can advise you on how to accomplish your estate planning goals, and tailor your estate planning documents to carry out those goals.

Texas Extends Rule Against Perpetuities to 300 Years

The Rule Against Perpetuities is the bane of every first-year law student’s existence. It provides: no interest is good unless it must vest, if at all, no later…

Intestacy Can Be A Nightmare In Blended Families

I get panicked calls virtually every week from Texans whose spouses have died without a Will. The stories are usually quite similar. The spouses lived together in…

To Spring or Not to Spring a Durable Power of Attorney

Every adult residing in Texas should have a Texas durable power of attorney. What is a Durable Power of Attorney? A durable power of attorney is a…

Should I Name my Minor Children as Beneficiaries of my Insurance Policy?

If you’re like most parents, your beneficiary designation on your life insurance probably lists your minor children as the secondary beneficiaries of your life insurance policy, behind your…