FAQs About Wills

Is it Necessary for a Witness to Read my Will?

by Rania Combs

Wills include private information about how your property will be disposed of when you die. Clients often want this information to remain private and are therefore concerned about whether it is necessary to share the content of their Wills with their witnesses.

To be valid, an attested Will must be in writing, signed by you or another person at your direction and in your presence, and signed in your presence by at least two credible witnesses.

The purpose of having witnesses is to confirm that you signed the Will and had testamentary capacity and intent at the time. Witnesses do not need to know the contents of your Will unless you wish to share this information with them.

Since witnesses only need to sign on the signature page of the Will, portions of the Will that discuss how property will be disposed of at death will remain private.

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